Bellingham, who didn’t know he was facing Slovakia

England international midfielder Bellingham revealed that he did not know that he was facing Slovakia in the Round of 16. England was the first team in the group to enter the knockout stages.

However, they won only one game in the group, and Bellingham scored the only winning goal in that game. After that, Denmark England managed to draw against Slovenia and advanced to the next round.

Slovakia is the third-best group in the group that includes Belgium and faces England. While doing a Q&A with a YouTube channel like this, Bellingham had no idea which team they would face in the next round.

England presenter Denzel said: “Everyone is focused on the game against Slovakia on Sunday. How do you feel?” he asked. But Bellingham said, “I didn’t know I was going to meet Slovakia until you told me.”

When Bellingham said this, Denzel, Arnold laughed as they sat together for the interview. Bellingham showed his best performance for Real Madrid last season, but he is struggling to show his performance in the current Euro.