Rooney warns Bellingham not to look for problems against Slovakia

Former England legend Rooney warned current England midfielder Bellingham not to look for trouble against Slovakia. England will face Slovakia tonight as a Euro Round of 16 match.

Before this game, Rooney said, “In the first half against Slovenia, Bellingham had their hands up and everyone was frustrated. Coaches the fans He showed his teammates how frustrated he was.”

“I have also experienced many such things in my career with the national team. But his disappointment like this is a red card. Crazy things, I hope not to injure myself. He came close to doing that against Slovenia.”

In this race, he’s put in a lot of effort and may make some unusual decisions. He made me see myself again. But don’t do anything wrong, Bellingham,” he warned.

England came through the group stage with a disappointing performance, and Bellingham, Only Harry Kane has scored a goal for England. If they win tonight, England will play Switzerland in the quarter-finals.