When England conceded a goal, Walker was sitting there and the fans mocked him


It was a joke for the fans because of an incident of Walker that was seen in the Euro Round of 16 match between England and Slovakia last night. In this match, England won 2-1

In the last minute, due to Sarantz’s leading goal from the first half, England He struggled until the second. But Bellingham’s beautiful back kick and goal forced extra time, and Harry Kane scored the winning goal for England in extra time.

In such a situation where England conceded a goal, Walker did not catch the offside and was on one knee, the fans are making fun of him. Walker was left alone at the other end when Strelitz laid the ball into the path of Charent.

Nehan’s preparation for his defense didn’t work, and England conceded a goal. Because of that, fans are mocking Walker’s behavior and saying that they expect these images to be photoshopped.